Saturday, 20 November 2010

More late Spring plantings

We planted some super sweet corn seedlings today after we cut back the peas and broad beans. We used a barrow-load of compost, a tray of worm castings and some pelletised fertilizer to beef up the soil too!

We also planted some Mini Lebanese eggplant seedlings with the corn. Am hoping they'll be nice and share the composty goodness. ;) Planted them relatively close too, to see how they go in a smaller space.

It's great to see the compost exchange; digging in lovely broken down compost then filling the heap up again with old beans and peas and other trimmed off-cuts to start the process all over again.

We'll put in some corn seeds too just to stagger the harvest with a late crop.

Simon also picked up some tomato seedlings; Grosse lisse (scroll down to 'G') I think they are called. A large plant and fruit with good flavour, and for coolish climates.

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