Saturday, 25 September 2010

Vertical gardens for small spaces - part 2

I wrote about vertical gardens recently, with an idea using a hessian bag. Well, I've set it up and here are some shots with seedlings in for about two weeks now.

I put some strawberries in the top, pak choi and mini spinach around the bag between the wiring. The stake holds the set up well and the water seems to be retained well given the location is warm to potentially drying in summer months.

The soil mix may be too potent though or perhaps stuffing on the seedlings was a bit traumatic on them as some are struggling but many are bouncing back with new leaves and shoots, including the strawberries.

The hessian is a good choice I think; breathable, durable and retains moisture (like the old cooler bags!). Will post it's progress over the next few months as we head into summer.

My Mum was in town recently and went to Floriade and picked up a hanging tomato planter. I've experimented with two cherry tomatoes and interplanted these with Basil.

You are supposed to put a plant in the bottom of the hanger but I couldn't hang it high enough in a sunny spot. So we'll see how that works out too.

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