Saturday, 5 September 2009

Spring vegies: carrots, snowpeas and beetroot

Remember the seeds we propagated this time last month? Well, the snowpeas are now planted out. Around the same time last month, I put in some carrot seeds and they've sprung up well too.

Today we planted some beetroot seeds; organic 'Detroit' variety. Last season we put in some baby beetroot which went off - so let's see how these ones go. We planted these in our middle bed, where we had the green manure crop. We dug this in about two weeks ago, so hoping the beetroot doesn't fork out underground!

Did a round of native fertilizer on our shrubs and grasses - hoping for some ran later in the week (fingers crossed but looking warmer than first forecast). The prunus is in full flower as are our plums.

Spring has most definitely sprung!