Sunday, 16 August 2009

Seed Propagation

seed propagation
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Planted 9/8/09 - planted out some early seedlings and made use of our recently acquired 'greenhouse' frame! An old cane shelving unit thrown out from the flats across the road. Eat your heart out Bunnings! :oP

Bit of clear plastic for colder nights, shade cloth for sun protection and water tank next door! Receives warmth from the garage wall onto which it backs.

Rollover the pots in the picture (if you click the image and return to Flickr) to see what we've planted. Snowpeas, rocket, raddichio, basil (annual), chicory, and spring onions. Just used a seed raising mix and watered in a very diluted compost tea. Experts say seaweed emulsion is a good starter tonic.

Some of these failed miserably last season (too hot I think). Better luck this year we hope!

Hope to try tomatoes and corn this way too. Perhaps eggplant too.

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