Thursday, 15 March 2007

40 years of Carriers in Oz

Around the country, Carriers and their offspring celebrated the 40th anniversary of our grandparents Alphonse and Nessie Carrier arriving on the shores of Fremantle Harbour, disembarking from a boat ride from Penang, with Christine (mum), Antoinette, Henreitte, Adrian and Genevieve in tow.

The remnants of the Carrier clan in Perth met for a beautiful lunch at the Red Herring, on the opposite side of the river that they had arrived on 17 March 1967. Nana, Aunty Tuane & Ken, Aunty Henriette, Uncle Adrian, Clarissa & Michael & Michael's granddaughter Asha, Michelle & Craig, Mum and Dad were all able to make it.

Meanwhile on this side of the country, Marg and I planted a planted a hybrid australian 'red centre' bush lime in the front of yard our house. The rain arrived just in time to prepare the soil and smooth the transition from pot to ground. It was a nice ritual to do and reminded me of when we planted some trees in the front of Safety Bay.

The lime was a house warming gift from one of my uni friends who gave it to us when we had our Chinese New Year dinner a couple of weeks back. The front yard of our place is a native garden so it will fit in well and hopefully be producing tasty treats in not too long.

The plant was developed by CSIRO (Dad's old employer) by grafting native limes onto domestic citrus rootstock, as the native limes would not survive in an urban garden. You should be able to find these through distributors around the country. It is quite fitting that we planted a hybrid plant to celebrate our hybrid migrations.

So now we have a red centre blood lime in the front yard, some lemon grass in the backyard and a kaffir lime tree in a pot (and moveable out of the Canberra frosts).