Monday, 23 August 2010

Managing plum trees

One of our plum trees is in full bud with heaps of them about ready to burst!

Our second plum however seems only to be budding on one side of the tree. What could the reason be?

I posted a couple of years ago about our plum: and whilst no plums yet the trees are pretty healthy.

Both are, however, on the south side of the front garden and don't get as many sunshine hours as they could. This may explain the lack of buds on one.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lemons in Winter

Just been out in the garden and noticed our Meyer lemon is looking a bit brown with leaves curling. There's no real evidence of scale or other pests so I'm guessing it may just be reacting to the cold snap we've had revelry. We feed our citrus (lemon, lime and kaffir lime) regularly with worm wee and top up the mulch too with the flooring and straw from our lovely chooks.

Hopefully the cold is the only reason! Will keep an eye on it over the week to see if anything else is affecting the lemon. Does anyone else have some simple and organic winter remedies for their citrus?

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