Saturday, 20 November 2010

Harvests from the garden

We've been picking a heap of things from our little backyard garden in the last couple of weeks. We got a big crop of sugar snap peas - it's the first year we've tried them and we highly recommend them if you have kids; Clancy would pick and eat them at will! We also planted them close together given the small space we have for climbing veg and whilst there's a risk of mildew we did okay in fact. The crop was good too.

We picked our broad beans too. Not so many this season but then we didn't plant a huge patch as gave up the space for the peas. Broad beans were yummy with leeks and garlic and butter! We froze some too (parboiled) to make a dip with later.

We picked some small beetroots. Lovely earthy flavour - an organic variety. More to come on soon. The leeks are planted in various spaces around the garden with better results looking likely in the well-drained bed by the side fence. This area also gets regular watering so the crops seem bigger. Not huge leeks eventhough they are the Elefant variety! :)

Carrots are starting to come on as well. Small at thus stage but very sweet! I'm excited :) Clancy is going to enjoy pulling them up too!

The garlic are about to flower and wilt. Will try to save some seeds this time.

The herbs have gone mad with all the rain we've had as well. We will need to pull out the lemon balm as it's encroaching on everything!

The lime has fruited for the first time as well. It's a Tahitian lime and the limes have a lively spritzy flavour. The lemon are bursting with flowers too!

It's great to see what does well in the garden especially at this gorgeous time of year. We've had the added bonus of great rains over the last two months or so which makes such a difference.

Happy happy Spring!

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