Monday, 20 July 2009

Rainwater tank off garage roof

Rainwater tank off garage
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We finally put in a rainwater tank last weekend, running off the garage roof. Now, if only it would rain (although I must admit to enjoying the recent warmish winter weather here in Canberra)!

It's just a 500L tank to help with the summer watering and to complement our little greywater set up (which holds about 100L).

This was a quick 1 day job once we'd bought the fittings, brackets and tank. It's sitting on a wooden pallet. We added a hole to the lid and covered it with a double layer of gutterguard to stop rodents, etc from entering the tank. Not sure if we'll end up with a mozzie problem - something to keep our eye on I suppose. We also put gutterguard along the gutter - of course. :o)

The cost?
500L tank = $99
90mm pipe (x2) = $22
Pipe fittings = $10
Gutterguard (8m) = $3
Brackets = $12
TOTAL = $146

Not bad hey? Off to do a rain dance now :o)

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