Sunday, 19 July 2009

Pruning blueberries and other fruit trees

Another lovely Sunday in Canberra in the winter. The sunrise this morning was a sight to behold - looking up to Mt Majura where the clouds were pink and soft dark blue as the sun rose to paint them! Just gorgeous! It's possibly the best time of year for sunsets and sunrises I think.

We pruned our plum trees today - photos to come shortly on our Flick page. Simon found a great interactive PDF guide from Flemings in Victoria on pruning - most useful guide I've seen to date.

I also did some quick research on pruning blueberries and found this from Growing Wisdom. There are other short informative videos too. It's hard not to go past Gardening Australia and the info on their website, particularly as it relates more to our own climate and seasonal cycles!

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