Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Spring rolls on into harvest-time

Harvested the garlic yesterday. 10 small to medium sized bulbs. They are better formed than last year's crop too. The soil in the Bed (i.e. bed #5) is a bit compacted now, and I wonder if this may have diminished the size of the garlic? Anyway, once the broad beans have finished in this bed, we can turn it over and build it up again with some more manure and mulch, etc.

The broad beans and carrots (a line of carrots in the pic above) have also been cropping well. I think we've had more rain this season than last year which has paid off.

The spring onion seed heads are now ready to store - I will put down a late crop now to see how they go as well. I've also let the chard go to seed too - hoping to store these and see if they'll produce for us too. We may need to build a small seed propagation area too, I'm thinking - that can be our next project :o)

Planted a second lot of corn about 2 weeks ago, only a half dozen in a small area by the shed - they've come up quickly. The first lot of corn is about 20cm tall now and the purple beans I planted around them about 2 weeks ago have also taken off. The corn stalks make good support structures for the beans.

The beetroot I planted en-masse have been thinned - we used the small plants for their leaves in salads, rather than transplanting them. The remaining plants are now starting to form a root ball - the beet! I love beetroot :o)

Our new garden beds are proving their worth so far! Let's hope the corn and beans crop well to consolidate this! That also depends on how hot our Summer is this year - it's shaping up to be a hot one apparently. Fingers crossed!

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