Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fertilizing beetroot

I've managed to thin out our beetroot crop now and we used the thinned out seedling leaves for salads in the process. Yummo!

The roots are forming nicely and we've covered with a layer of sugarcane mulch - so I'm wondering if a good fertilizing now would be worthwhile? I've been checking up on organic fertilizers, and so far the option seems to be a decent fertilizer 'tea'. This will work for us as we can use our worm wee as the basis for the tea - in fact it IS the tea! :o)

The best thing about growing beetroot is that it's so easy, as long as you prepare the soil and add some good compost. A bit of a water while they are seedlings helps them along and then a good deep watering every so often as they mature. They also love the sunshine. Here are some other tips for growing beetroot.

Anyhow, while checking out how others grow beetroot, I came across a site called 1stop Organic Gardening by Julie, based in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. She has one mean no-dig garden, I'll give her that! I've added this site to our 'Companion plantings' list to the right of your screen.

Julie also has a pickled beetroot recipe, which, once our beetroot are ready to harvest, we'll have a go at!

Great blog Julie, thank you for sharing you learning.

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