Saturday, 23 February 2008

Fernery and pond

fernery and pond
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Our pond has really settled well and we've been developing a little fernery in the alcove by the house to give the area a sort of theme I suppose.

We bought a tree fern last weekend and have put it near the lattice (I'm sure you can spot it at the back there). This one was harvested from Victoria and is about 2 feet tall (when measuring the core).

I'm wondering if others in Canberra have set up tree ferns too - what success have you had? Have they been fairly self-managing? Do they require a lot of attention in particular? We also bought a native fern (just to the left of the tree fern in the photo here), which is in fact a water fern by name, but said to be a hardy plant.

So, we'll see how our semi-wet/semi-dry fernery goes over the next month as we move into Autumn and Winter.

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