Friday, 3 August 2007

Mystery pink native solved!!

The small Crowea or Waxflower (Crowea exalata) is a native shrub of Victoria, related to the Boronias, and valued for the quality and quantity of its flowers. One of its brightest displays comes when most welcome, during autumn and winter. It is frost hardy and suited to cool and moist rather than hot conditions. Plants have been lost at about five years old following droughts and drying winds, though a well-watered and trimmed plant may be kept for years.

Crowea exalata - Growing Native Plants

I must thank my work colleague Lucy for her super-sleuth efforts on this one! Thank you Lucy :)

Our mystery pink flowering native is a Crowea exalata by the looks. The Australian National Botanic Gardens website provides a decent descriptionand a picture that confirms it all.

It has continued to flower throughout winter, frost and all. it certainly makes a lovely coloured centre-piece in an otherwise grey and wintery garden!distribution map


images from angb (2003)

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