Monday, 18 June 2007

Mint as companion plant to cauliflower and broccoli

I did a quick run around the garden a couple of weeks ago to see how our vege patches were going and they are holding up well so far this winter (fingers crossed!).

This pic shows our companions plants "in action", with spuds at the left side (end of the bed) with some garlic to the front of the bed, some broccoli and in the pot, some mint (a good companion for things like broccoli and caulies especially). Having mint in a pot also helps keep it under control especially in a small garden/yard like ours!

Jackie French (well known gardener and companion plant advocate) says that "The main reason for using companion planting with your brassicas is to disguise them so aphids and caterpillar producing butterflies won't find them." Jackie also suggests that planting tomatoes and brassicas together also helps mask each other's smell. I reckon Jackie would probably tell us to add more companions to this example!

Another good companion is flowering clover (and other flowering weeds), which can stop an infestation of aphids should you have such a problem. At the moment in Canberra, it seems insects don't like the cold, as we've really only been hit by a few caterpillars. Those brassicas closest to the mint pot haven't been affected though - it works! :o)

Sally Morton at Suite101 has a good article on using herbs for companion planting too. It's a good guide for getting started, if you're keen to try companion planting.

Check out more pics on our companion plants and other projects.

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Simon Choo said...

We need something stronger than mint to stop that damn possum though!