Sunday, 27 May 2007

Autumn flowering plants

While most other plants and shrubs are more subdued this time of year, we have some lovely flowering surprises in our garden. A little dash of colour which picks up the autumn sun through the dappled light provided by our Japanese maples.

The sacred bamboo with its bright red berries:

The lovely small grevillea shrub with stylish flowers which bow and spread their 'wings':

The ever-hardy hardenbergia which is about to burst into what looks like flowers from a proliferation of buds:

Also, my rather humble zygocactus has just begun to burst its flower buds too! Gorgeous pink feathery flowers, lovely in the sunlight:

And we've yet to solve the mystery that is the lovely pink 'native'; what IS it???'s a close-up of the flowers and the rosemary-like leaves:

If you have an idea, please leave us a comment!

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